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Rates are based on a non-smoker at attained age, and will increase as you enter higher age bands.

Learn More About TMA Member Business Overhead Expense Insurance

As a TMA member, you're eligible for the Member Business Overhead Expense insurance plan as long as you are younger than 75 (you must enroll before age 70), have a full-time or limited medical practice, and are still working full time after age 65 (at least 10 months of the year). Your coverage stays with you even if you change employment. If you move outside of Texas, you can still continue coverage as an affiliate member until you reach age 75.

Designed to reimburse your office expenses that you typically incur in the running of your practice. The benefit amount you select can help cover rent and utilities, staff salaries, benefits and payroll taxes, office supplies and equipment, maintenance services, and loan payments. During disability, your coverage is continued at no cost to you.

The chart below will help calculate your monthly premium. The maximum monthly coverage amount is $50,000, in increments of $100.

Monthly Cost per $1,000 of Coverage*
Under 30 $1.67
30 – 39 $2.00
40 – 44 $3.00
45 – 49 $4.00
50 – 54 $5.00
55 – 59 $6.00
60 – 64 $9.00
Over 65 $9.67

Your Insurance premium payments may be deductible when filing your federal income tax. As a business expense, your payments fall under IRS ruling 55-264, IRB 1955-19. Consult your tax advisor about this deduction.

Benefits begin after you have been totally disabled for 30 continuous days, and are retroactive to the first day of your disability. Your coverage ends on the November 1st that follows your 75th birthday.

You are considered totally disabled if you can't perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation due to sickness or injury. You must be under care of another licensed physician, and you can't be engaged in any other gainful occupation.

Age 70 and Older:

  • Maximum benefit duration is 12 months

Under Age 70

  • Benefits can continue for as long as 24 months for each period of disability
  • If you're continuously disabled over 24 months, but haven't reached the aggregate amount**, benefits can continue until that amount is reached or for 12 months, whichever occurs first.

**The aggregate amount is equal to your monthly benefit amount multiplied by 24 months.

Streamlined Claim Process

If you become disabled and file a claim, you can choose whether The Prudential Insurance Company of America will make payments to you or your business. Limited medical evidence is required, making it easy for you to file a claim and get paid faster. TMA Insurance Trust's plan covers you 24/7, and you don't have to be permanently disabled or confined to your home or a hospital to receive your benefits.

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